About Delivery

Delivery Information

Please read the delivery information carefully before you make payment.

Delivery within 30KM from our warehouse

The delivery charge is $88 to the address within 30KiloMeters from the warehouse, located at 85 high street, Thomastown 3074, except CBD. Only one delivery fee will be charged for more than one products delivered to same address in one trip.


Delivery over 30KM from our warehouse or CBD area

For the address over 30KM or in CBD area, please contact us for the delivery fee.


Available Delivery Date

We are providing delivery 7 days a week, but please inform us your delivery date 7 days in advance. If you need delivery within 7 days from your purchase, please contact us to confirm the delivery date.


Address and Contact Number

Please ensure you have provided your correct address and contact number. When a delivery date has been confirmed you will be given an AM or PM window for your delivery. Unfortunately, due to driver conditions, deliveries and workloads; we cannot specify an exact time of arrival. For your convenience, our drivers may call you up to an hour prior to arriving at your home. Please ensure your contact details are correct


Tips & conditions for home deliveries

In order for your delivery to be as easy as possible, please read the following information prior to receiving delivery of your stock:

  • Be advised – stairs or any additional handling will incur additional charges.
  • Remove any pictures, mirrors, nails, plants and tables from walls and walkways that lie in the pathway of your intended item. Reasonable access into households is required. Drivers will not be held responsible for damage to property or goods in the event reasonable access has not been organized.
  • Remove any breakable objects in the delivery area.
  • Lay rugs, blankets or casters down to protect wood, tile floors or carpets during delivery as drivers are unable to removes shoes due to O.H. & S. laws whilst delivering goods.
  • If furniture is to be placed on wood floors, place pieces of cloth under the legs or casters of furniture.
  • It is your responsibility to check measurements to ensure your goods will fit in intended areas and through doorways. We are not responsible for goods that have not been measured and subsequently do not fit where intended.
  • Our delivery team cannot remove other furniture already in the home & we will not move existing electronics or other fragile items in your home.
  • Due to the time frames our drivers work with, all RTA items will not be assembled on arrival, this includes beds.
  • No exact delivery times can be given. You may however, request a call 1 hour prior to advise the driver is on the way.
  • Any damage must be reported immediately to the driver.
  • Please ensure you are home on the day of delivery as you will be charged a second delivery charge if drivers need to come back a second time.
  • Please be aware that due to large number of deliveries, we are unable to remove or take responsibility for any boxes, plastic or rubbish that may have been used to package your stock. This rubbish is the customers’ responsibility.

Acceptance of goods

On delivery, please inspect your items carefully, noting any issues on the delivery copy. Once you have inspected your items carefully and you have signed acceptance, Furniture Market cannot accept responsibility for any defects that may occur as a result of incorrect assembly or general day to day usage


If you directly pick up from our warehouse, please contact us prior to your intended pick-up date. Please ensure you bring someone to help you when picking up your items from our warehouses. Please also ensure, when picking up your items, that you bring adequate wrapping, blanket or materials to transport your items safely.